Life challenges are not suppose to paralyze you, they are suppose to help you discover who you are’

You don’t initiate most of the organizational changes where we work but how we respond to it affect the experience we have.

Core Concept to Change

1,  Recognizing the  roads sign for change: we shouldn’t see change as a threat, but as an opportunity.e.g having a new leader,lauching of anew product.

2,  Choose to make change positive by accepting and adapting to it.

3,  See if an alternative method can be use to achieve a better result

4,Encourage your subordinate or team member to be fully involved.

When all listed above are put in place no one will be afraid




“Destiny is no matter of chance, it is a matter of choice ,it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a it to be achieved’

What is Goal setting?: This is a formal process during which you define target you plan to achieve and this target can be accomplish by your personal commitment or through team commitment.
For you to achieve your goals ,there must be change which is inevitable from research 85% of people are afraid of change because they don’t know what it has for them.
For my discussion I have divided the topic Goal setting into two(2)
Goals setting in a work environment
Goal setting in an individual’s life

3 Ways to Make Your Site More Visually Appealing

3 Ways to Make Your Site More Visually Appealing.


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